B-Otherside Records, 2018

Published on October 2018. 12” LP and 16-page book, 31 x 31 cm. HERE (ΕΔΩ) came in two editions, one regular and one deluxe. The regular came the album and a book containing the paintings and writings while the deluxe edition of 50 hand-numbered copies came in a gold-printed hardbound box, together with a bonus cassette EP titled ΣΥΝ, a CD version of the album, pin badge and a 30 x 30 print, signed by Aristomenis Theodoropoulos.

"Comprising seven works of candid, clouded folk music arranged and presented alongside seven paintings with elements of figurative art and symbolism", the album expands on the elusive point where personal experience and musical heritage intersect.
Revealing themselves gradually, sustained and swaying the tracks draw on mixed musical elements, from Greek traditional and Eastern music to Western minimalism and avant-garde, to form an evocative journey from the transformative Past to the self-actualising Now. A constellation of instruments, field recordings, plunderphonics and analog electronic soundscapes is humbly but meticulously orchestrated around a redemptive repetitive form.

FEF : HERE | ΦΕΥ : ΕΔΩ (2018)

Introduction by: Nikos I. Baskozos

Written, performed and produced by: Aristomenis Theodoropoulos

Design: Sotiris Kotsopoulos