Aristomenis Theodoropoulos (born 1988) is the founder of the multimedia project FEF (ΦΕΥ) through which he releases his artistic endeavors.

His work spans a wide variety of mediums and materials in drawing, painting, sound and music, while exploring the contrasts between opposites within it. Contrasts between classical structure and abstraction, sacred art and existentialism, experience and the subconscious, past and present.

Since the late 00’s, he has appeared in numerous exhibitions, publications and the press, while also performing both on stage and recordings with other artists.

During 2018, he began releasing his personal work under the title FEF (ΦΕΥ), through which, exhibitions, publications and music releases have resulted.

Apart from his main activities, he has worked on Set Design for both theater and cinema, and is active as an illustrator with commissions from artists, brands, media and publications. Furthermore, he has been working for The Real Intellectuals clothing brand and shop since 2014, both as a designer and artist for the company’s custom paint work.

Aristomenis currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.


MFA in Visual Arts - Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), 2005 - 2010

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ΦΕΥ : ΕΔΩ / FEF : HERE, Fotagogoi, Athens 2019 ΦΕΥ : Πριν την Ηχώ / FEF : Before Echo, Boiler - Project Space, Athens

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 Continuation, Fine Arts Graduate Students of Athens Association, GR 2013 3 Künstler aus Athen / 3 Artists from Athens, Heidelberger Stückemarkt, Galerie Melnikow, DE 2013 Tarot will teach you/Burn your money, Frown Tails Gallery, GR 2015 BAD PAINTING | Unreliable Urban Testimonies, Βeton7 Gallery, GR 2015 Asthenia No. 1, Vessel, GR 2016 Asthenia No. 2, Romantso Exhibition Space, GR